Recently, I received a text from someone which read:

“Something very strange is happening to Earth’s Magnetic North Pole and no one knows why”

with a link to Fox News.  I did not click on the link because Fox News is not ‘News’, it’s entertainment, just like MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, BBC, et al.  Your only real hope for news that might be *somewhat* factual would be RT – but just in case you’re a left-leaning snowflake or a hard-core Trump-humping, Bible-thumping conservative – you’ve all been convinced that the Russians are the embodiment of the demonic domain.  And no, I will not repost the link to Fox News because doing so would only promote their over-funded SEO and contribute to more brainless individuals believing the trite they distribute.

That being said, YES!!!  The poles are moving about!  Just like they have for the last 4.5 Billion or so years the Earth has been around.  No, they do not flip, but they often do go walk-about.

The interesting thing about this article is that it says ‘no one knows why’, but then floats the concept that ‘Geomagnetic pulses [might be] traced to hydromagnetic waves from deep within the core [and] linked to a river of molten iron beneath Canada’.

SO – they don’t know why, but they contest that it’s probably related to a river of molten iron beneath Canada [which they have no evidence for] and is even more likely related to the hydromagnetic waves generated by the spinning iron core of the earth [which they have no evidence for].  Both are contentious arguments based upon observations never made – conceived from theories developed a half-century ago…

And yet, I can look into the sky on a clear Arctic evening and observe the Aurora Borealis twisting it’s way across the domain – evidence of the true nature of magnetic interference – FROM THE SUN????  YES!  From the sun.   Go [HERE] to learn how this works.

So now we have an observation of activity – explanation based upon factual observation, that lends to another probable conclusion – are the poles of Earth related to the Sun in some way?

I would contend that they are – if you consider the amount of energy that is made available from the sun to ALL of the planets of our solar system, you can imagine we here in the Sol System exist in a dance of inter-related energy. All the planets in our system receive not only solar (photon) energy, but also magnetic energy and interference from the Sun’s ongoing work.

[An earlier post here] references the fact that the current cycles of the Sun are shifting into a period of Solar Minimum, not really [potentially] seen since the last Ice Age.  However, the reality is that we are not the only planet in Sol which is currently impacted by global changes sourced from our Solar Engine, rather most of the planets in the system are currently experiencing their own ‘Climate Change’ (and amazingly without the help of humans!!!).  [While I do not agree with every concept in this link], it does a very good job of explaining and visualizing concepts which are related to the interaction of energy from the Sun to the planets – including the ‘space’ outside our Heliosphere.

So without going into too much more sarcastic narratives, my conclusion:

The poles are going walk-about due to a change in the influence from the Sun’s magnetic interference, most likely due to the severe change in the solar cycle into a Grand Solar Minimum.  As the activity moves wildly from it’s normal stasis, we begin to observe severe changes in the NORMAL VALUES we have enjoyed since we began making scientific records and observations – which really has only been over the last couple hundred or so years…

A secondary concept is in relation to the expanding planet, which literally changes the ground beneath our feet.  For the sake of the reader, I’ll refrain from going into this until another time.

Don’t be so surprised the greater world functioned before you were around, and will continue long after we’ve returned to the void.

And just as an aside – News Agencies do a bang-up job getting general ‘News’, ‘Politics’, and ‘Weather’ even remotely correct.  To consider that any of them do science any real service is laughable at best.  Be encouraged to investigate concepts on your own – challenge your own understanding – you might be surprised how far from your current ideologies you actually do stand when you’re informed!